Oh, Mary

Don’t Blame The Robots

January 7, 2019
Michael Hoffman

During the past decade, a quiet revolution has transformed American manufacturing.

This deliberate, paradigm-busting process is most widely known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Unlike the three previous industrial upheavals, this was about implementing and connecting factory technologies in ways that once were the province of science fiction. Unfortunately, that translated into displacing a few humans. But don’t blame the robots.

Industry 4.0 involves harnessing a variety of technologies that enable machines to talk to other machines, and to connect with people, too. Robots with artificial intelligence are commonplace in the American factory today. They have the capacity to do everything from heavy lifting to repetitive or even dangerous tasks, freeing up humans to do what machines can’t: to analyze issues and solve complex problems.

Our client, Leading2Lean, is playing an increasingly important role in facilitating the smart factory. Industry 4.0 begins on the factory floor. During the past decade, this company has perfected its cloud-based solution, CloudDISPATCH, that allows any legacy database to communicate and translate its disparate information into one simple language across the factory floor and beyond.

Action Mary is privileged to assist experts like Leading2Lean as it leads the international transition to Industry 5.0. Envision a future that will bring human intelligence and ingenuity back into core functions across the factory floor and into the C-Suite. With a decade of seamless, 100% successful implementations, Leading2Lean is at the forefront of this revolution, with a solution that requires no capital investment and no need to “rip and replace” aging industrial software.

So we look forward to a 2019 that ushers in a future where humans work side-by- side with machines that possess artificial intelligence, but always defer to human judgement and ingenuity. This is the ultimate promise of the Fifth Industrial Revolution, an era when we will stop fearing the robots and embrace them for all that they will help us accomplish.

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