Oh, Mary

What’s the Big Idea?

July 22, 2019
Shawn Shirey

I’m a visual content creator, conceptual thinker, and sometimes writer. I’m lucky to work with people I truly respect. Intelligent and deliberate, but most importantly, passionate. Without passion, ideas crumble or never happen in the first place.

We thrive when it comes to idea time. Everyone in our office loves the process. Sometimes it’s difficult to pigeonhole ourselves by saying we’re a PR agency. People hear PR and think telemarketing, or worse, taking people to lunch. Yes, we do shout our ideas from the rooftops, but that isn’t where it stops and certainly isn’t where it begins.

We labor on the idea itself, think of the visual side and try to weave a complex narrative on how we can improve from a world perspective. The intention of our company is to not only get our clients their well-deserved credit but to serve our communities and the world we live in.

This is a widely adopted platform these days, but it takes accountability, not only on our part, but our client’s as well. We live in a world of increasing scarcity and division. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if our clients learned that by serving the greater good, they could feel good about themselves, and increase their profits too?

Because of constant shifts in language, political barriers, and communication, we need to be hyper-aware of societal trends and artfully craft our message to stay one step ahead. These shifts are not only happening in physical media but digital media too.

Sometimes one steers the other, but the truth of an idea remains. Nothing works without a great idea. This is why we urge clients to bring Action Mary in for both platforms, woven together. If there is a unified approach for traditional and digital, the story is deeper, the message more profound. Social ideas become press releases; media pitches become ideas for social. Integrated ideas perform the strongest because they’re widely relatable. To anyone in PR worried about the demise of traditional storytelling, take heart. The story is still the same as it always was. It doesn’t matter how savvy you are at social parlance. You have to have a concept.

More than a few team members at Action Mary are decorated PR veterans. They could get jobs at big-name firms for much higher salaries, but that isn’t enough. They started the agency from the ground up to create something that resonated in their hearts. Not only have they left significant marks in the PR world, but their free time is often spent in philanthropy. This is the core of the Action Mary ethos. Bridging the gap between for-profit and non-profit ideologies. 

We are in this not only to win business but to fulfill a mission in our lives and hopefully for others too. Sometimes this creates a little drama, heated debate and even shouting matches, but nothing we can’t work through. In the end, we can all be proud of the work. And it doesn’t end with us. It requires our clients to get into our mindset. Some jump right in like they’ve been family since the beginning. Some take a little coaxing, but we all see the rewards, together.

I’m so thankful to work at Action Mary. I’m constantly thrilled to work alongside so many talented folks. Our work keeps getting better and better because we never stop evolving, and we’re committed to multi-dimensional ideas. It’s in our nature. We’ve had considerable growth in the past year and it’s only going up from here because we’re not only good at our jobs, but we come from a place of authenticity and heart.