Oh, Mary

What Does “We Are All Marys” Really Mean?

August 12, 2019
Heather Turner

Last month in honor of Pride, a very large rainbow sign hung from the side of our building that read: “We Are All Marys.” We got more than a few questions on “What does that MEAN?”

Put quite simply, it means that our agency’s ethos is that there is no “them”. That it is our differences that unite us, and that we should all treat the other person as if they were you because they are. It’s not the Golden Rule (while still lovely) of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, but “Do unto others as the other IS you.”

During a time where we’re hearing how awful the world is, it feels really special to be a part of a company that is grounded in this notion. And I truly think there’s a reflection here of what’s going on “out there”, on a larger scale. Mainstream media is telling us that we’re all against each other. But I don’t see this, and I’m not alone. It’s where we choose to look.

Social media also gets a bad rap, but it’s where we are seeing this “other way” –  a window into a powerful movement of people, brands, and businesses that are moving, shaking and disrupting. They’re focusing on equality, sustainability, inclusivity, and the connectedness to each other and to our planet.

The successful brands are the ones rejecting division and “separateness”. They’re creating new rules for the game, and then furthering them. They’re focusing on inclusivity and honoring partnership. Instead of “top-down” bosses, there’s more collaboration and circular, sustainable business structures (I). We are truly in the “Age of Aquarius”(II), dominated by networks, connection, information and transparency, and leaving behind the past era dominated by power, inequality, ego, and boundaries. Rather than the vertical hierarchies of the past, we are now organized in horizontal networks. It’s an exciting time to be alive and to watch this palpable shift that has taken place over the last decade.

Deloitte reports that “hierarchies are being displaced by teams at organizations across industries” and their data shows “adopting team structures improves organizational performance and satisfaction” (III). Another study by global market research firm Canvas8 reports that gender-inclusive beauty, sustainable and responsible consumerism, and “authentic, real and human” retail has all gone mainstream in 2019 (IV). The majority of us align with and support brands that meet high standards on sustainability, social responsibility, and inclusivity (V). And where there is demand, there is supply.

Our agency is so fortunate to represent brands that reflect this changing consciousness of business. TomboyX is making undergarments that can be worn by all genders and body types. Adidas is making shoes out of washed-up plastic bottles. L2L is providing manufacturing tools that dissolve information hierarchies, ultimately leading to equality on the plant floor. And Humming Hemp is creating food products that not only balance our bodies but our planet as well.

It’s not enough to have a good product anymore. There must be an honest story behind the product, too. We’re in a freedom, diversity and inclusion revolution, and it’s such a joy to tell these companies’ stories that resonate so closely with our own agency mission, of taking Action in the world while always remembering the heart (Mary).