Oh, Mary

What We’ve Learned This Year In Influencer Marketing

October 14, 2019
Jordan Curtis

Nearly a year ago I published a piece discussing the state of influencer marketing. How things change, yet how they stay the same! My previous post focused on setting higher expectations to produce the best work with our influencer partners. Now we’re pushing ourselves to new levels as our partnerships have developed and our collaborations have become more involved. Since publishing that piece, Action Mary has evolved our influencer marketing practice thanks to several clients, including Adidas, Pacific Seafood, Tree Top and CHERRiSH. 

Today, we want to share our learnings serving as the quarterbacks of these campaigns. And, of course, we want to share how we’re always pushing ourselves to exceed our standards. 

Conversion > Awareness: When setting strategy, we must continue to challenge ourselves to move away from brand awareness as the one and only goal, and instead set multiple goals that involve conversion. Conversion can be defined through many metrics, but let’s be honest with ourselves: did the influencer campaign drive sales or sales leads? Our highest priority as an agency is answering that question with a resounding, “YES!” and showing you through data and insights how to do it again and again.  

Empowering the Partnership: In our latest campaign with adidas and Kohl’s, we found that strategizing and brainstorming alongside the influencer yields much more interesting and meaningful work. Influencers should and do protect their newsfeeds, and they have their own unique engagement strategies. The secret is authentically blending the product story in with the influencer’s approach to their creative content. If you can achieve that, everyone wins, including and most importantly the audience.

Creative Matters: In the camp of what hasn’t changed, the visual element remains paramount. If you can’t make the audience stop scrolling, all the strategy work, KPIs discussions, creative revisions, and so on are for nothing. We continue to push our influencer bench creatively so that their work stands out amongst the vast clutter that is the internet.

Authenticity Wins: Now more than ever, audiences can smell a sponsorship a mile away. Especially in the “lifestyle” sector, authentic influencer stories continue to drive engagement and brand awareness (no surprise here). This very approach is more or less how micro and nano influencers came into the fold, as they’re able to keep their smaller audiences interested.   

Influencer marketing is constantly evolving, and so is Action Mary’s approach to influencer campaigns and strategies. Stay tuned for what new learnings this year will bring.