Oh, Mary

Millennial ✔️ New Job ✔️ Happy With The Company Culture ✔️

November 4, 2019
Alexa Weber

Hi, I’m a millennial and I just got a new job. I know it’s not surprising to see a millennial jump jobs, but in this case it’s a prime example of the type of company culture that will make a millennial want to stay. From my experience so far at Action Mary, here are just a few ways that could help attract a millennial to your company culture:

1. Think beyond the cubicle culture and become more collaborative. This week officially marks my first month here at Action Mary and I haven’t been sitting in a cubicle silently plugging away, doing the same task over and over again. Instead, each day I get to experience something new and learn from everyone around me. I get to walk into an office full of courageous employees who are not afraid to go bold to produce effective PR and creative strategies that get noticed. The best part is everyone collaborates with each other by providing ideas to make each campaign a success. Action Mary understands the human element in making a business work, and that you need to rely on all your employees to truly innovate.

2. Become a mentor, not a drill sergeant. It’s important to trust everyone’s input, big or small. Even the partners that lead Action Mary are not just hiding away in their offices but are actually walking about offering insight and direction to help us structure our work. They are not above looking over a pitch and are there with us writing press releases as a team. According to the 2019 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey, if a company is not supporting people’s development through training or mentors, 55% of millennials would leave after two years and 71% would leave after 5 years1. It shows that it’s important to have not only a boss, but a strong mentor to help guide us as we continue our careers.

3. Ask: Is my work impactful? Millennials care about impact; impact for careers, impact for clients, and impact for the good of the world. We are consistently seeking feedback on how we can improve our work to move up the ladder, outside of the comments we get on our annual report. Each day I appreciate the feedback I get, and the tips I receive from the company partners. It helps me understand immediately what I need to work on to help produce the best work I can for my clients. It goes with having a strong coach. We want to know the work we are putting out is impactful for not only the company and our careers, but also for the world. For example, at Action Mary we work with several non-profits, and much of the work we do with for-profits focuses on good purpose.

4. I can’t say this enough…work life balance, work life balance, work life balance. Sure, we understand that there are going to be nights or even weekends we work overtime, but it’s nice to have a company culture that encourages you to get out the door and enjoy your free time. This is something that has been one of the most refreshing parts of this job. Referencing back to the Deloitte Survey, if companies don’t provide a healthy work-life balance 56% of millennials would leave after two years. This just goes to show that providing a better work life balance encourages employees to stay and be more productive, and it prevents burnout.

5. We appreciate flexibility. We all understand that things pop up in our lives. With having to schedule last minute doctor’s appointments, having something come up with a family member, or maybe the pipe bursts in the overpriced apartment you are renting in Seattle…life happens. No matter what pops up, it’s nice to have the flexibility to work from home from time to time, and to have a boss that understands that these things happen to everyone. It’s important to be trusted, and that there is not a double standard in place that allows your boss the opportunity to run out of the office when needed, and you can’t. This was pointed out to me right away with the company and it’s nice to know that if needed these options are available and everyone is trusted with their time.

So, if you are looking for tips on how to engage millennials, take a page out of Action Mary’s book. Consider creating a culture that really focuses on being collaborative, providing new learning experiences and open communication, while also providing flexibility and balance. This can really make your company stand out and could be the selling point in engaging new employees.