Oh, Mary

LinkedIn is Actually Awesome!

January 21, 2020
Jordan Curtis

LinkedIn is in the middle of a very interesting evolution. Launched in 2003 in its simplest form and most convenient definition, it was conceived as the “Facebook for professionals.” Now comprising of more than 100 million daily active users, it is an integral resource for the modern-day professional in regard to networking, job hunting, recruiting, disseminating intellectual property and, most recently, a channel for consuming business-focused news and media.

While it wasn’t a huge draw for me as a young college graduate on the job hunt, I’ve since joined and have been a member for well over a decade. I never thought I’d say this, but I love browsing LinkedIn now. The platform has continually improved multiple facets focused on engagement, push notifications and customized content. All of these improvements have driven browsability and overall time spent on the channel. Here’s just a sample of how they did it:

Profile Views: You can’t deny it. It feels good when LinkedIn alerts you that someone has viewed your profile. An action that is the very heart of social media, browsing friends’ profiles, was made more exciting by these alerts. I always joke with my friends when I see a recruiter has viewed my stuff, “they can look, but they can’t touch!”

Connection Suggestions: The network’s algorithm is smart when suggesting users outside of your network, almost so much so that it’s entertaining to browse potential connections. Discovering who works where, what his/her/their titles are and how many connections you share adds to the enjoyable nature of LinkedIn.

Post Life: Lastly, and most importantly, a LinkedIn post can live for weeks. While Facebook and Instagram posts will rack up likes and comments up to 48 hours later, it’s absolutely within the realm of reason that users will be engaging with your posts long after you’ve pushed the share button. Additionally, the results can be very impressive. For example, my recent post announcing Travel Portland as a new Action Mary client generated a mind blowing 21,333 impressions thanks to nearly 400 likes and comments. As a digital marketing professional, that gets me VERY excited. As a LinkedIn user, that makes me want to post more often.

If you haven’t hung out on LinkedIn much, the experience only improves with more time spent. I encourage you to poke around on your lunch hour, you’ll almost certainly learn something interesting about your peers, your vocation and your industry.