We humans are wildly different. And that’s what unites us. No matter what our individual lives look like, our shared experience on this planet binds us together even as the currents of social change roil around us. This is our truth at Action Mary. We are a fiery team of PR pros, creators and designers helping clients elevate the common human element inherent in their brand to lead positive change in the world.

Hail Marys

Patrick McGuire

Managing Partner

Lacie Peterson


Media Director

Roger Van Oosten


Content Director

Melanie Wilhoite


Pat Shanahan

Executive Vice President

Josh Galassi

Senior Account Executive

Heather Turner

Account Executive

Bianca Mohn

Digital Senior Account Executive

Angel Ferrer

Account Coordinator

Shawn Shirey

Digital Account Coordinator

Aleah Appling

Media Account Coordinator

Alexa Weber

Senior Account Executive

Sam Schnabel

Junior Designer

Tomas Iriarte

Account Coordinator